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, but they will be subject to having to pay for obama care mandated bells and whistles. >> so how much more -- sorry, i keep jumping on you. that seems read to those at home. but if that happens and they keep their coverage, how much more would they have to pay for that coverage? >> well, it depends on your employer size and all of that. some employers are having to pay a few percentage points more, others are having to pay double digit percentage rates, increases in their premiums in order to have coverage. the smallest firms are the small firms that are subject to the mandate, i should say, are probably going to be the most adversely affected. the smallest firms don't have to offer coverage in the first place. p they can just put their workers on the exchange if they want to. >> all right. chris, thank you very much. again, what this means, folks, just to put it in layman's terms, if you promise something for nothing and assume that if you want to cover 30 million uninsured american, you want to put the kids on the policy up they're 26, you want to cover pre-existing conditions, all laudable goals, it ain
on whether michelle obama forced this change. are we the better for it? right. and a fellow named alan in minneapolis on ways you can still get it. earth to jeff. what the flock just happened? jeff? >> we just got to the bottom of this -- well, plane not all the way to the bottom. we have some mcribs here. you can see them. they're a little cold out here right now. but the bens aren't cold. take a look at the statement from mcdonald's. here's what they said: we are continuing to focus on our customers for the remainder of 2013 with several new menu items, talking about the new wings, those mighty wings. we left it to our individual franchiseees to decide whether or not they want to offer the mcribs. here's breaking news. we have said -- we have found or they have said that chicago, houston, and dallas, will have the mcrib. they confirmed those. in fact today we shot pictures of anymore chicago actual -- here in chicago eat something mcrib. now some mcrib porn for you, perhaps? a shot of the mcrib undressed. without the special sauce no onions, no pickles no buns, just the frozen paddy
. this is not a matter of yes men telling obama the wrong thing. this is a matter of bad ideas, fundamentally flawed design, that is wrecking our whole health system. >> you're all saying we're all being to varying degrees delusional. wall street running to something look this with no proven value. and washington, on a healthcare abyss that hased out yet. >> it's even beyond that. when you say that we need more command, control, coverage, and sub days, the heart of obamacare, that's the office of what are bloated, inefficient, failing healthcare system needs. we need more consumer choice, more competition, more accountability by individuals and providers. we need less coverage and out of pocket -- >> we're getting none of that. you would like to junk this thing now. >> of course. >> that's not going to happen. the president apparently -- folks who met with the president last night, democrats are urging him to cool it. he is saying, no, no, steady as she goes. >> that's why wire heading towards the cliff. washington is heading toward a massive fiscal blowup in the same way the fed and wall street are
with obama care, the problems with the exchanges, they really can't be fixed by google and this raises several points. weren't they supposed to have the tech experts making the website to begin with and if they couldn't do it in 3 1/2 years, how are they supposed to do it in one month as the president has promised? >> what does that mean? you seem to be saying the tech site -- delays notwithstanding, the hospitals that don't want to be part of it or even the cleveland clinic where weeks earlier they had 3,000 workers because of it. this seems to be >> absolutely. i think the worst is yet to come. you know, what we've seen is there's already been 2 million insurance cancellations thus far. to be honest, it affects me personally. >> how so? >> well, my mom had health insurance, plan for quite some time. she was very happy with what she had. she liked what she had. recently unfortunately she just lost her policy. she's very distressed about it. she's very frustrated about it. and she's looked into these exchanges and it's higher deductib deductibles, higher cost, less access and worst car
network's lauren on making lemonade out of, i guess, fewer lemons. >> we'll see the lemons when the obama administration tells us how many people signed up for private health insurance on, and we want to know how it's actually defining what an obamacare enrollee is. someone who signed up for a plan but that plan is sitting in the online shopping cart or someone who actually paid for that plan? the washington post says the answer is both, and the reason is that the online shopping cart only has space for one health plan, meaning the customer must have gotten far enough through the system and payments aren't due until december 15th. but as every shopper knows just because you put something in your cart doesn't mean you're buying it. now, traditional health insurance only considers subscribers enrolled when they've paid. so the numbers is only going to fuel the flames over the success or failure of obamacare. yesterday "the wall street journal" reported that no more than 50,000 people signed up for private plans through the 36 exchanges run by the federal government. that's a
after the election. this is clear lay cynical political move by the obama administration to use extra regulatory by any means necessary tools to keep this program afloat and hide key information from voters. that's a republican view from senator chuck grassley. i put the same question to jay carney. >> says you're doing that so it starts after the mid-term election. >> the fact is we're doing this because it makes sense for insurers to have as clear a sense of a pool of consumers they gate in the market before setting rates for next year. >> after that briefing the administration announced yet another delay, this one smaller, but of if you want to get health care started on january 1st january 1st under the new exchanges -- originally you had to have all the paperwork done by december 15th. now because of the web site problems they're push can back that dade to 'december 23rd. >> ed henry at the white house, thank you very, very much. the white house clearly would know that any delay right now is going to raise hackles and concern from a once friendly media to one that is no so friend
. >> yeah, and we had security concerns since obama care exchanges on the state and federal level. now we're seeing all of these things come to fruition. in oregon, people getting applications with not just their information, but the social security numberis of other people. they will get two or three social security numbers complete with personal information. that's a big problem for people signing up for health insurance and what they're putting at risk when it comes to signing up for these exchanges. >> the president talked about how things are getting better, i'm quoting here, and the website iswo working better, an these are good things. what do you make about it and whether that resonates? that he is hoping the good will outweigh the initial bad. do you think that is true? >> i think there is a couple identity thieves looking forward to their new yachts and jewelry with the numbers they have in their hands. the website isn't getting much better. in terms of the federal website we have seen that it wasn't secure on october 1st. now we're seeing in oregon why are these breeches happen
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of specialists to take the patients. with the obama care results coming, in a lot of people who have been unsuccessful are being pushed to medicaid. is this that two-tiered system i keep hearing about? >> about 25% of all american will be on medicaid by the time the president finishes his second term. i think we're creating a four-tier system. there will be people with private, commercial insurance. people on medicare. then there's going to be people on obama care and people on medicaid. medicaid is, unfortunately, the lowest tier. obama care's not that much better. the commercial insurers are openly calling it less -- >> even with the higher premiums, it's not going to be much better? >> no. they've managed on to see make it more expensive and degrade the process the obama care reimbursement rates will be skinny in terms of the number of doctors you can see. the commercial insurers are openly calling it medicaid plus. we ought to beef what they were saying. -- to believe what they are saying. >> i thought there was just a doctor shortage. people found it to be incendiary. it feels like c
facing a crunched timeline this year, but they're also worried that sticker shock from obama care is beginning to set in. take walmart, for example. it's worried that if you're spending more on health care, there's a good chance you are spending less on other things. bill martin is the founder of chopper track, and bill, is that for real? if people are worried about what they've got to spend in the future, do you really mean that they spend less now? >> well, it's clearly possible that that could happen. but we ought to put a little clarity in the debate, if we could. so while everybody would like to talk about thanksgiving and the holiday season, what we're seeing this year is that there is a little bit more energy in the thanksgiving day, but the bottom line, stewart, is that's going end to up being a footnote on the holiday season. let me give you some perspective. so last year we saw about $800 million sold on thanksgiving day compared to about $500 million the year before. so it's growing, yes, but when we look at a normal thursday in november, we're seeing about $2.7 billion
, a regard 55% are having barack obama issues. that's how many disapprove of the president in the latest "washington post" abc news poll. that's a record. but it ain't even close to the 63% who disapprove of the implementation of the healthcare law. that is -- welcome everybody. this is "your world." the president says the fix is coming and things will get better. what it troubling the news we're learning how bad this oadministration knew this would be but was not sharing. a top republican congressman sells out the president new and when did he know it. first, mike emanuel on the fallout from it. mike? >> reporter: good afternoon. the obama administration was warned last spring that the health web site was like ily in trouble. key administration officials were briefed on it, including the president, as early as last march, but a top information technology official was not briefed, which is kind of puzzling. we wi learn that kathleen sebelius and medicaid and medicare administrator and technology officer were briefed in april and yet, after all these briefings of top administrati
is the irony, obama administration wasn't ready for obamacare, the insurance industry did what the obama administration told them to do and they were ready. it took them many months to change all of their computer systems, send the original cancellation letters out they were required to send out under obamacare. help people start thinking about the changes they were going to need to make and all these things and now you say with a month's notice take four or knive months' notice this from a administration that can't get a web site up in three years that's a mess. they are telling insurance agency to turn on a dime and that's when they gave them four weeks to do it. now we are three weeks away and the insurance commissioners are talking to the president about it. this is almost impossible. what's going to happen here in relates is that many health insurance companies in many states were able to give their customers early renewal options that's a technicality. there was a way for these people to keep their coverage for about a year anyway i think in the end most of these insurance commissi
of workers to anticipate their insurance plans because of obama care.'s kate rogers says guess who's going to pick up the extra costs. >> reporter: employees are going to be picking up the costs because prices are going up across the board here. so employers are going to lower their own costs by passing those costs down to the line to their workers. >> i would think the new workers coming on would even that out. but not necessarily the case? >> not necessarily. so now under the aca, as we know, every individual has to have health insurance or else they'll face that $95 penalty per year for every year that they choose not to have it. the easiest way to avoid that is to get on to your employer-sponsored plan. >> and your employer was already thinking twice about the wisdom of having such a plan. at least for everybody, right? >> yeah. so now they are doing a few things here. one thing that they're doing is pushing their workers on to higher premiums -- higher deductible plans. that's one way to lower the cost of premiums. >> the overall premium stays the same, but the cost
. if the democrats start talking out about against obama, that opportunity help but if you have different feelings, we're a democracy and it's healthy for different factions to emerge. but the question is, can you keep the party together? >> i have had ted cruz her and john mccain here and they have very differentieds -- different ideas about the soul of the democratic party. i wonder how they avoid the 1912 thing and whether chris christie is the answer, because a lot of the tea partyers say he's just a bigger rhino. is he. >> at least what chris christie has for the republican party, so far in new jersey, he can indeed go across party lines, and even factions within new jersey. it's the power of personality. that's what teddy roosevelt had, too. a lot of people didn't agree with him but he was so colorful -- >> what was the deal. did he have ton office consecutive the. >> the most energetic dem contract. he gave the maxwell house slogan, good to the last drop. >> he died at 60. >> because he has taken the trip and had fevers and an embolism. but ever since he was a child with asthma, he decided
effect, right? >> it can. you know, in the past, when president obama was upside down on a particular issue. he could inject his observe favorability and his own trust factor into that issue and turn it around and go on national tv. make the case and that would be a great opportunity for him to change public opinion on a particular issue. but now it's different because you have got the not trustworthy number over 50%. so, in many cases it doesn't matter how many times you are on tv. it's like trust is like a broken mirror. you know, once it's broken you can never look it at it the same way. that's an issue that is long-term potential problem here. >> thank you very very much. >> you are welcome. >> one and done is the president sorry among all of this enough. poll numbers notwithstanding. former ceo actually adding to his problems because when you say you are sorry. then you have got to follow up on it, right? >> well, you know, the sorry is great. but now what? they have got a whole army of people working on this web site. and they aren't going to get it done by the end of the month.
calling barack obama the president of socialist. he didn't nationalize the banks. he didn't want real socialism. he gave aid and comfort to the says continue miss san niece thats. he never disavowed his association with the communists. >> what does that mean for outsiders outside the city who don't care about manhattan how does that effect me? >> this is the epicenter of capitalism as your next guest will tell you base he is one of those great leaders bill degrasso. have capitalism held by potential socialist. that's a problem. the banks are going to suffer and pay more money in taxes. his grand plan is to do this preschool education for everybody. it's built on the notion that he can raise income taxes on rich new yorkers. that has to be approved by the state legislature by the governor which they are probably not go to prove. >> not an easy task. andrew cuomo the governor right now mayor elect's big check last night. the new york city voters have opened exciting new election of incoming mayor bill deblazio. which is not exactly an overwhelming ringing endorsement. he didn't say i'm
everyone have some 'splaining to do? the u.s. house of representatives oversight panel subpoenaed the obama administration. they want an internal report showing the number of people who have enrolled in health coverage through this debacle, this online setup. the president, everyone aid admit it is a mistake and they have been trying to get numbers of how many have been able to take advantage of it. the administration says it's difficult get the numbers together. the insurers, and they gord those numbers. so the federal government can say, talk to them and we'll collate together. easier said than done. but the house wants some answers and wants it pronto. >>> meanwhile, boomers are going bust. you hear about this? no wonder so many of them are putting off retirement fast. they're taking care of adult kids who ain't leaving and now aging parents whose own cost are not exactly declining. larry says it's payback for the so-called entitled generation but that does not mean they have to be the sandwich generation and suck up the bills for all generations. larry says it's time for tough love. >>
the candidate and maybe drews some money to them. but significantly so? >> i think it does. obama hat failed policy. i don't need to draw them out because it's on every news channel about the policies that don't work. >> something going on? >> neil -- anyway, he won. he won, he had bad stuff. he won. he win against romney, who was a very good candidate, and he won because he had celebrity appeal. he was on all the talk shows, espn, on john daly, and he is on agency. so you get that, and you see that he has got kind of mainstream media appeal. they look at obama and they look at him as a celebrity. >> in 1972 the hollywood crowd loved george mcgovern, and he went down to an overwhelming defeat. now, i know there's a lot of what you say because they tend to gravitate to liberal candidates and big benefits, but ronald reagan didn't play this game. maybe in this age he would i just think it demeans the process. >> well, neil, you brought up mcgovern. but anyway, i think that it really does help, and in today, with social media, you have twitter going public, everything going on with facebook, it
. it's obama there and as an -- it's open and there as an option. the season is six days shorter, they have to do anything they can to get the free advertising we're giving them right now and get people in the store. toys 'r' us is opening 5:00 p.m. people have complained they're disrespecting the family. i was as toys 'r' us over the weekend. i asked a guy if he was working over thanksgiving. the said, i hope so, i need the money. >> you were at a toys 'r' us. >> yes. times square so we could goo on the carousel. >> really? >> yes. >> keith, she does raise alegitimate point about, look, you have a choice. itself you don't want to be part of this heinous culture, then opt out and watch football. >> well, that's fine. itself you want have to black thursday, black friday, blacks wednesday, black tuesday, why not start allocating space for christmas decorations in february. this is the holidayization of america is becoming increasingly materialistic and we risk losing the reason that we put it in place in the first place. that's where i come down. i have worked my share of holidays.
season because of obama cars. companies are bracing. >> this millions of people are paying double for their premiums or -- >> that money comes from somewhere. >> and they're going to juggle their expenses. >> right. that's what -- the money does have to come from somewhere. >> you just think it doesn't add up. >> the last six weeks have given consumers reason for pause. 69% of people see the economy going south and 27% of people see a better economy in the future. that spread has doubled in the last month, meaning more people feel worse about the economy. >> it's been more thans a dozen years since he left office. something that bill clinton pulled off that has is wondering if he never left office, or maybe he's just warming up the office. >> two days after this. >> i personally believe even if it takes changing the law, the president should keep the commitment made to the people and let them keep what they got. >> the president's healthcare fix. if that is what it took to get the white house to make the change, what does that say about the man in charge. doug wilder, governor, i
.5%, which is lower than it is now. top right now is 23.8% including the obama care tax. >> this is the same president who, at least in a couple speeches, for health care for everybody. maybe not the type we have today, but that he still had a lot of big government in him. you say what? >> well, kennedy was never for universal health care, that was nixon. kennedy was for medicare. he described it as a limited plan. he didn't really push for it. his priorities were the tax cut and free trade. >> but we look at these charts. my favorite part of this speech that he gave, where it was before ross perot. you cut taxes, the revenue will grow. that was an abhorrent notion at the time, wasn't it? >> "the wall street journal" editorial opposed it and later said he was wrong. >> why did they oppose it? they fear it would be reckless? is that their view? >> they thought they should cut spending by the same amount to make sure there was no deficit. >> jfk said no, why? >> because he knew that cutting the tax rates would grow the economy. so that the government revenues were higher. but he didn't want a
Search Results 0 to 20 of about 21